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Posi Track Attachments

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Here at Focus Machinery we look towards covering all things earth moving. that is why our range of skid steer and posi track attachments are as extensive as those for our excavators. This week we will show you the range we stock and the benefits of using these attachments.

Our skid steer attachments include. Brooms, Dumpster Buckets, Grapple Buckets, Harley Rakes, Roto Tillers, Smudge Bars, Augers  and Trenchers to name a few.


Handy Tip.
It has been said that the Harley Rake is one of the most versatile attachments you can ever have. It is ideal for trench restoration, leveling reconditioning hard soil and much more.
Rock Grapples are another extremely versatile attachment that would find its way onto any job site. With the ability to help maneuver awkward sized debris, grab logs, or just sieve out the good from the bad.
Smudge Bars are used primarily to spread and level materials like crusher dust, wood chips and dirt. Roto Tillers are primarily used in the farming and gardening industry to turn over soil and prepare it for future crops. Trenchers are a must for laying pipes or underground electrical’s. It makes sure that there is not over or under excavation.

These attachments ensure that your job is finished properly first time, every time.