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Compaction Attachments

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Part of our extensive hire fleet features an extensive amount of compaction attachments for excavators. Vibrator plates ranging from 5-ton through to 25-ton, compaction wheels ranging from 3.5 ton through to 25 ton. This ensures that Focus Machinery is a one stop shop when looking for compaction attachments.

Handy tip.
The key benefit to using a compaction wheel is the amount of time you are able to save. When the wheels has been attached to the excavator it channels the weight of the machine providing up to 5 times the compaction performance than that of a roller.

Vibrator plates offer massive compaction force and provide great reliability on site. These attachments are highly useful for a large range of applications including narrow trenches. However, they are at their best when used for larger back fill operations.

Did you know?
Vibrator plates produce very little noise and in fact have no restriction on the period of use per working day.
That means you are able to complete your job on time, every time.