At Focus Machinery we have a strict “Trade Only” Policy and can offer Trade COD Accounts or 30 Day Accounts.

Benefits of a Trade COD Account:

  • Automatically receive trade rates
  • Paperless & Signature free transactions
  • Custom Rates as required
  • Expert hire advice from 6 am week days

How To Apply,

For ease of application & security we use an online application form.

To complete your application, we will ask for the following information to be provided:

  • Your ABN and/or ACN
  • Your Credit Card Details
  • Contact Details

You may choose to nominate Focus Machinery to keep Trade COD Account open for this hire only (reapply for each hire) or open for all future hires (account remains open for all future hires)

If you require any assistance with your application, please contact our accounts department on 03 9756 3950

Thank you for applying for a Trade Account with Focus Machinery.

COD Hire Application Form