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At Focus Machinery we don’t focus purely on hiring. We also have a portion of attachments and consumables that we sell to our customers when they are in need. The main group of attachments that we sell include augers, rippers, buckets and sieve buckets. This is a market that is directed towards the clients that would rely on these attachments most days of the week however there is no barrier to who we sell to. There is a selected range of consumables that we also sell. This includes diesel tanks from 100-600 liters. As well as loading ramps, ranging from 1.9-11.5 tonne.

Handy Tip.
Hire to buy is something that we are open to. this is targeted towards the clients who want to hire the attachment first to see if it is something, they will use more than originally thought. It is perfect for the customer who doesn’t want to commit to the capital outlay of purchasing the attachment.

There is a full list of attachments on our website available to purchase.